Sam Shay
about 2 years agoSeptember 20, 2018
This looks great - my only thought is that the animation and text in the beginning of the video make a strong impression, and then there are no more graphic elements shown for the remainder of the video... it feels like another graphic later on would be a good way to bookend the clips. Perhaps something at around the 0:40 mark to highlight the concept of rapid response time and then something at 0:48 to highlight making changes without technical work. Just spitballing here, but maybe a variant of this icon for 0:40:


And maybe for 0:48, transition from this icon:


To this one:


Thoughts? Just throwing these out to start a conversation - I'm not married to any of those suggestions.

Sam A. Shay
almost 2 years agoOctober 2, 2018
This is fantastic. Ship it! 

On the the next one, as far as I am concerned. Great work, guys.

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